The White Village Update

The progression of the challenges within Artificial Mir 2 continues!
Our most recent update has seen the introduction of the most challenging, yet rewarding region to date, the White Dragon Passage and White Village. Battle your way through 6 floors of mobs, potentially encountering a substantive Boss, to make it through to the White Village!

White village – As the new Hub for higher-level players, it is an area overran with white walkers and their fearsome Capos. With the new challenges comes enhanced rewards! The Group buff system has received a revamp providing considerable benefit to those willing to venture without them, furthering our developmental aim of recreating the Mir we all first encountered. Through completing these challenges find yourself rewarded with new tiers of weapons and skills to flaunt your prowess.

There have been significant changes to aid the game-state regarding PvP and availability to level and progress your character, with so many changes, hop into our Discord to see a full list of the great work put in and explore the new adventure with friends!


  • Daily Quest Experience given adjusted for all levels as follows: 11-15 (x2), 16-20 (x2), 21-25 (x1.5), 26-30 (x1.5), 31-35 (x1.5), 36-40 (x1.5), 41-45 (x1.25), 46-50 (x1.1) – this will provide a much faster leveling path for newer and upcoming players
  • Fix for Player monsters in Crescent Moon Forest often being too low level (thus not giving experience – higher level players vs lower level mobs may still not get exp)
  • Fix for Double Counter Attack, Burst Sword feedback damage
  • Rebuilt monster drop files for Ancient Temple
  • Rebuilt monster drop files for Swamp Cavern
  • Rebuilt monster drop files for Seokcho Mines
  • Rebuilt monster drop files for Premium Dungeon Tier 4 (and the previous changes to tier 5 has now been correctly applied)
  • Changed CrescentWoomtaurus spawn timer from 120 minutes to 60
  • Added CrescentWoomataurus to Crescent Moon Forests section 3
  • Rebuilt monster drop files for Ancient Prajna Stone Caves
  • Increased rates of Eels and Mossy Boxes from fishing
  • All Past Bichon Oma monsters are now tamable
  • Evil Mir Palace back to player no drop zone


  • Sabuk Wall Conquest has been pushed backward 1 hour and will now occur at 8 pm UK/GMT
  • Lightning and Fire natural effects have been reintroduced in Lightning/Molten/Hell Caves
  • Fix for Healing Circle skill not leveling
  • Fix for Blizzard, Poison Cloud, Frost Crunch, Plague, Melee procs will no longer apply if the damage is blocked
  • Stealth damage is adjusted to 1.5x damage
  • Evil Mir Body Parts should no longer be killable
  • Expired items can no longer have their destruction delayed or be accepted as valid items by NPCs
  • Fixed slight performance issue caused updating the cursor too often. (circa 5% gain)
  • Reduced number of human monsters in Crescent Moon Forest 1st section
  • Rebuilt monster drop files for Premium Dungeon Tier 3
  • Rebuilt monster drop files for Red Cave
  • Rebuilt monster drop files for Past Bichon
  • Rebuilt monster drop files for Hell first section
  • IcePillar now drops IceHellPass 1/1
  • Dark Body clone can now be pushed
  • BloodBaboon, DarkBeast, LightBeast, HardenRhino and WhiteMammoth are now tamable
  • Evil Mir’s Drop file has been improved
  • Additional Basement floors of Premium Dungeon can now be accessed

Hotfix has been pushed out to the client:

  • fixes client crash when using UseCursors=False setting


  • Added White Dragon Passage, White Village, White Dragon Hilltop and Snow Cavern can now all be accessed for a gold fee
  • Added Global Server Buff indicator
  • Added Guild leveling system; any EXP gained historically will still be counted.
  • Added Guild Buffs system – The level of your guild will dictate how many points are available for buffs, if your guild is level 10, then it has 10 points that it can allocate to buffs at any one time. When a buff expires the points are free to use again. There are a range of different buffs available depending on your guild level and available funds!
  • Added Notice dialogue after selecting a character, this is to allow the game to load fully before putting you into the game; this should prevent any deaths related to logging on and being killed while still loading in.
  • Added Change Heroes Hair Feature
  • Added “Online only” option to the rankings dialogue so that you can easily see who’s online
  • Added Delayed Explosion Secret skill
  • Added Great Healing Secret Skill
  • Added Flash Dash Secret – increases stun proc chance depending on level also allows the stun effect to proc passively
  • Added Cross Half moon for Heroes. (Due to popular demand, This is an attempt to make them more relevant as a hero, currently, they are the least used hero by a huge margin)
  • Added short period of Free movement when transitioning maps to prevent door blocking
  • Added Dark Mode CTRL+ALT+D
  • Added DisableArcherOrbsLoop option to the Client (To disable the loop of the annoying sound with max orbs)
  • Added settings to enable/disable AA, defaults to disabled.
  • Added Approx 30 Monster Frames/AI’s etc.
  • Added BattleGrounds to PremiumPass quick access list
  • Added 1 hour free BattleGrounds solo entry per day
  • Added new class and level locked instant HP potions (level 20, 40 and 60 variants) these will have a separate potion limit
  • Added @killpets command
  • Adjustment: Can no longer Random Teleport inside of Sabuk Castle (InnerWall)
  • Adjustment: WoomaHeart Stats to HP+155 MP+155 AC2-2 AMC2-2 DC0-1 SC0-1 MC0-1
  • Adjustment: Rebuilt monster drop files for Hell third section (IceHell)
  • Adjustment: Rebuilt monster drop files for Hell forth section (FireHell)
  • Adjustment: SlashingBurst now checks Acc/Agility
  • Adjustment: Changed Double Slash to hit AMC as per Official.
  • Adjustment: Maps with the No Drop Player attribute no longer cause PK points or curses.
  • Adjustment: Can no longer curse from killing heroes.
  • Adjustment: Buff to Immortal Skin – now gives a more relevant boost
  • Adjustment: Increased the randomness of a Hemorrhage proc, the chances are essentially the same, just less predictable.
  • Adjustment: Plague – Reduced the MP drained from the target in PVP
  • Adjustment: Archer Shield dropping too slowly under PVP damage.
  • Adjustment: added items on the floor now appear Green.
  • Adjustment: Allow Casting without CD in SZ.
  • Adjustment: Allow Skill torch and Skill Necklace to stack
  • Adjustment: Increase server tick rate to target 1000 cycles per second (from 300)
  • Fix: FlameAssassin monsters applying Freeze slow for too long
  • Fix: Show Group Pickup for various 60 + Items
  • Fix: Removed unintended extra base damage being applied to SlashingBurst skill
  • Fix: An issue that caused ElectricShock to be more difficult for higher HP mobs
  • Fix: Bug which allowed PS to shift lock on player target without needing mouse over aim.
  • Fix: Bug that allowed Poison Shot to apply the 20% focus buff twice and twice as often
  • Fix: Poison Shot not using any MP
  • Fix: Bug where Blizzard and Met shared a common cancel mechanic which allow casting the alternative to reset the first to make it hit after being nulled.
  • Fix: Adjusted Moon Mist so that it gives a longer Moon Light than standard
  • Fix: Archer Orb damage scaling now working as intended. Additionally, if an archer has all 4 orbs, they will do 10% more damage than the previous maximum
  • Fix: Going brown while at war when poisoning / attacking pets
  • Fix: Bug with Enemy Guild mode treating enemies as allies when it comes to supporting skills.
  • Fix: Ice Thrust hitbox has been expanded to better fill the animation
  • Fix: Ice Thrust issue where it would intermittently stop working (Need to verify, can’t replicate)
  • Fix: Poison Shot Animation Freeze issue
  • Fix: Guild Wars not always ending when expected
  • Fix: Improved Summon Snakes Totem to hold aggro better
  • Fix: Hero Poison shot not tagging monsters correctly
  • Fix: MACAgility hits can no longer be resisted through MR (Melee Magic) – MAC and MagicStruck hits still can be (Ranged magic)
  • Fix: An issue where the EM respawn time could reset earlier than expected for a full kill
  • Fix: Tweaks to Flash Dash to try and prevent desync when changing direction
  • Fix: Pets spawning as Leveled on login when LeveledMonsters enabled
  • Fix: Bug where Summon snakes could damage SZ targets

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