Project involvement and thanks to:

Project Founder: Wittin

Aliases: Sephiroth64 (Euro D), HighlyBlessed (Euro D), Ecko (Gamepot USA), Wittin (LOMCN VIP)

Bio: Wittin got involved in Mir during its very first launch. Starting by discovering the game watching the GameNetwork TV channel. Wittin has played all Official English servers and a history of involvement in numerous successful Game Community Projects.

Lead Server Developer: Logham

Aliases: Theo, StealthFace, Logham Logan

Bio: Also known as Theo, Logham got onboard with the development side of things in November 2017. Initially transforming our back end infrastructure, whilst now taking a lead roll in progressing the core source development. His work is always sleek, tidy and perfectly aligns with of key project ambitions.

Lead Client Developer: Chriz

Aliases: Double (Euro D), Killalot (Euro P), Chriz (LOMCN VIP)

Bio: Chriz came to us out totally unexpectedly in December 2018 having been working on a similar project of his own ‘Nostalgia of Mir’. We quickly discovered we share the same love and passion for the game and had the same end goal in mind. Joining forces has been one of the high points for this project as the wealth of knowledge and experience Chriz has to offer is invaluable. At the time of writing this, he’s been with us just a short while and has already delivered so much, and we have total confidence he is the right person for this project!

Crystal Developers and other Credits:

daneo1989: Crystal M2 C# Database Engineer

Xander: Crystal M2 C# Contributor and Developer, Technical Assistance and Advice

Pete107:  Crystal M2 C# Contributor and Developer, Technical Assistance and Advice

Jamie/Hello: Crystal M2 C# Developer

Far: Crystal M2 C# Developer

Tai: Mirfiles host and LOMCN admin

MiloFoxBurr: LOMCN Admin and long-term Contributor

Lilcooldoode: Technical assistance and server Balancing advice

Others to be added… If you feel you should be on or off this list please do contact /Wittin or /Chriz in-game or over discord to let us know so it can be updated.

Original Artificial Mir II Test Team and Server VIPs:

Nephthys – Icon4U – mrmood – LobbyGirl – TDK– Windblayde – Daneo1989 – OuTLaW – Xander – Wittin – StealthFace – Real – Chriz – Saffire – TigerSea1