Our Vision…

Artificial Mir 2 Aspires to be everything players missed from the various versions of Official Legend of Mir II Servers past, in English. We aspire to be as open as possible in our development, making the files and updates we’re creating publically available, enhancing the Mir 2  C# baseline file set (For more on these files are please see here…)

We will take an additive approach to features long term and if there was a feature included in Mir at some point we wish to bring in back in some form. Of course, this will require some unique balancing as some features are no longer included in the official Korean mir.

We will be bringing back forgotten gameplay elements and experiences only felt in the official games to the masses, promising the ultimate vanilla Legend of Mir “All-Stars” experience.

Key Features:

  • Custom Mir 2 Server and Client, emulating Official Korean Mir II environment.
  • The Official Server gameplay experience.
  • Original drop rates and game mechanics.
  • Authentic non-custom 1x experience rate.
  • Additive approach to version features.
  • Passionate, respected & approachable server team.
  • Ongoing clear development plan.
  • Server continuity planning.
  • Feature balancing.
  • Removal of the high influence pay to win elements.
  • New and unseen Official Items, Monsters and Maps.
  • NoSQL Support.
  • Community orientated approach to development.
  • Routine and comprehensive backups.
  • Encrypted account information.

Prioritisation of our development:

  1. Critical Bug fixing / Security.
  2. Development to Korean Official Standard.
  3. Balancing.
  4. Adding missing features from previous Mir version as part of the update cycle.
  5. Low priority bugs
  6. Adding new newbie game enhancements (and enhanced returning player mechanics).

Update cycle:

We plan to roll our areas and enhancements in blocks. These will have version numbers but will follow our own desired update path when implementing newer patches. In the future we may also provide a test server to ensure updates on our primary server are as bug free as possible.


Income from the Game shop will be assigned in this order of priority:

  1. Hosting costs.
  2. Infrastructure upgrades.
  3. Advertisements.
  4. Disaster recovery and Continuity planning.
  5. Development and admin costs.

Testing and wipe policy

No further wipes are required. We will always try to avoid rewinds wherever possible and they will only be performed in the most extreme cases where no other solution is available.