Game Credits


Purchasing one of these bundles will add credits to your account. You will be required to login with your Artificial Legend of Mir II user account. It will be the same user account you use to sign into the game. Credit delivery is usually within 5 minutes, and you will receive a message in-game when it has been delivered.

We accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Card payments via PayPal.


First, please make sure you’re logged into the site here:


Game Credit disclaimer

Game ‘Credit’ is non-refundable and holds no monetary value. Purchases of this nature made to Artificial Mir II serves as a donation to our development and administration team allowing us to continue to update the game in a sustainable environment.

In addition, it is possible these Credits can be lost/or reset through expected or unexpected events. This includes but is not limited to wipes, rewinds and account termination.

By purchasing Credits via our online system you automatically accept our disclaimer.

Game Credits

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