Minor Gameplay Update 0.1.10

Game Updates:

Various Stablility and Security Fixes (No more nano-lag on high-end setups)
Prepared Maps for AST
Adjusted Spawns and Drops for AST
Created AST Quest
AST Open (Unpolished)
Premium_Elijah updated
Added MediumArmour back into the game (Also now Common rarity)
AncientBlackMaggot level adjusted
AncientBlackMaggot can now Tame
Dung no longer Tameable
Added additional MapMove events to WasteLands from Bichon (Fix)
Performance Optimizations regarding Threading
Added HeroicStatues
Added GoldKey Mechanics
PreparedMaps for: LowLevelCave / SlaveCave
Fixed NewbieGuild still applying 25% buff still at login during early open test phase
Updated MirGuide NPC Script to the new version across the game
Changed MirGuide cosmetics in SerpentValley to match others
LowLevelCave Rebuilt
MirKing added to game
Slave added to game
SlaveCave Rebuilt
LowLevelCave/MidLevelCave NPCs added to game
MidLevelCave Rebuilt
LowLevelCave/MidLevelCave Open

Minor Gameplay Update 0.1.9

Gameplay Updates:

AWT Drops Rebuilt
AWT Open (Unpolished)
Added Storage teleport to Border Bounty Board
Replaced SpiderBarbarian with SpiderWarrior on Luna_1st (Correction)
Rebuilt SpiderWarrior drop file
Introduced Pet Save feature
Doubled Healings Skill’s effectiveness at all levels
Updated AncientWoomaTaurus/Guardian Drop files
Added Crane/Lotus/BlackTiger/Stealth/LightTemperedArmour into the Drop files
Prepared Maps for AST

Minor Gameplay Update 0.1.8

Gameplay Updates:

Hair Dresser Added to BW (Basic cuts)
Added Hair Dresser to SignPost
Updated Emperor_Far’s Model
Nerf to Blizzard Damage Output
Further Changes to EM
HardTorch(L) replaced with HardenedTorch
GuardsHelp now Double Clickable (as well as command)
Replaced TestServerScroll with ArtificialManual
Restored original pot buying system across the game
Fixed Exp Values for 42+ (varied from official rates – now match)
Included EXP values up to level 75
Final tweaks to Foxes KR mob positioning