The Kunlun Update

Kunlun Area
• Enter from the timestone in Bichon Province for a new adventure
• 40 new monsters including several bosses and subs.
• 24 new quests (some repeatable up to level 99)
• 2 new instanced challenges (one daily, one unlimited)
• Many new items, some can be upgraded, others may need to be purified

• Added Catchup buff that grants 5% additional EXP per level behind the highest level. This buff is only available to players who are 10 levels below the highest level.
• Added feature to allow us to apply map specific Exp bonuses for in-game events.
• Pickup pets will now keep picking stuff up while you are up to three times as far away.
• Healing Circle PVP damage reduced significantly (20% of original)
• Protection Field can now be re-cast to extend buff duration.
• Rage can now be re-cast to extend buff duration.
• Moonlight no longer breaks from blocked hits
• Counter Attack no longer triggers from blocked hits
• Adjustment to Pet level scaling, this will now also scale Attack Speed, Walk Speed and HP.
• Energy Shield no longer triggers from blocked hits
• The healing value from Energy Shield has been capped to either 2 x the damaged received or the highest heal grantable from the buff.
• Plague MP drain has been capped at a maximum of 100MP
• Added healing indicators (+green)
• Added Hero Change Gender feature.
• Added function to allow upgrading of items with out loosing added stats (Kunlun craft upgrading facility)
• Health and Spell Recovery now have a slight effect on the regeneration rate from potions. [subject to further balancing]
• Removed coordinates from the Probe necklace, it will now only show the map name as intended.
• Removed the limit on the number of sun potions you can carry. (This is more in line with the modern official mir)
• White Dragon Necklace when worn by a Wizard now gives 3 Damage instead of 3 Agility
• White Dragon Bracelet when worn by a Wizard now gives 1 Damage instead of 1 Agility
• White Dragon Ring when worn by a Wizard now gives 2 Damage instead of 2 Agility
• Added White Village to MysteriousTownScroll (available at any level if the tickets have been purchased)
• Added White Village Destinations: SnowCavern & WhiteDragonPassage to MysteriousDungeonScroll (available at any level if the tickets have been purchased)
• Added Castle Gi Destination WhiteDragonPassage to MysteriousDungeonScroll
• Added all books up to level 28 to bookstores

• Fixed an issue that was limiting the amount damage that monsters were able to hit; this will only affect high level/boss monsters. (We had a global cap in place to limit levelled monsters, but it was also affecting regular mobs)
• Fixed Mentor/Mentee buffs.
• Horned Sorcerer dashing out of map
• Fixed tooltip on Magic Shield, now correctly reflects the damage reduction based on the skill level.
• Fixed Curse bug where the stat reduction appeared to stay after the effect had expired.
• Fixed issue where pickup pet was preventing 5th pet from taming.
• Fixed BabySnowman Animation
• Fixed Issue where you were unable to tame more pets after taming a boss pet (e.g. FT)
• Added limit to prevent chat ban occurring from using the teleport right too often by right clicking the big map.
• Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing blocked cells when a player would teleport to a different map.
• Many optimizations on the server code to reduce potential causes of lag.
• Fixed various effects so that the correctly draw behind as intended.
• Added Floor items, bag items and effect libraries to the preload list.
• Optimizations to the client to hopefully reduce freezes. (By reducing GC time)
• The game now loads in at the correct resolution so that scene transitions are much faster which allows for further optimizations. (Switching characters should be faster)
• Fixed issue with IceCrystalSoldier not having sufficient Accuracy or Agility

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