The White Village Update

The progression of the challenges within Artificial Mir 2 continues!
Our most recent update has seen the introduction of the most challenging, yet rewarding region to date, the White Dragon Passage and White Village. Battle your way through 6 floors of mobs, potentially encountering a substantive Boss, to make it through to the White Village!

White village – As the new Hub for higher-level players, it is an area overran with white walkers and their fearsome Capos. With the new challenges comes enhanced rewards! The Group buff system has received a revamp providing considerable benefit to those willing to venture without them, furthering our developmental aim of recreating the Mir we all first encountered. Through completing these challenges find yourself rewarded with new tiers of weapons and skills to flaunt your prowess.

There have been significant changes to aid the game-state regarding PvP and availability to level and progress your character, with so many changes, hop into our Discord to see a full list of the great work put in and explore the new adventure with friends!

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Artificial Mir II Open BETA Test

Open BETA Testing is finally upon us. Commencing 13/01/2020, everyone will be able to get involved and test the in-development files. We will update the download links on the website as soon as the server is open on 13/01. (

We are still working on many aspects of the files even now, and will continue to work towards our release milestone during Open BETA. This will take time, and our test duration will be extended to accommodate for this. This is the first time we will be opening the Phoenix 2.0 files up for anyone to test and get involved in our development process.

Current plans are for BETA to last anything from 8 weeks to 24 weeks depending on how many issues we face and how fast we can implement the currently missing and/or broken features. At the end of the extended BETA test, there will be 1 final wipe before full launch/release.