Out now! Update 1.7

  • Ancient Luna Valley – More difficult variant of the existing Luna cave, but with an extra boss.
  • Grey Cave – High level group focused cave. 13 new mobs, a sub boss and main boss with full AI
  • Group Bonus System – When players group up and leave heroes in town, they are compensated with a good group buff. (+4% EXP and DROP per player, plus a class-based bonus for the group) To use this feature, every member in the group must not have a hero with them, by talking with the hero NPC in BW you can store your hero. (The summon button will disappear, until you collect them from the hero tablet)
  • TreasureBoxes added – These can be found from monsters throughout the game at a rare rate or much more frequently from bosses.
  • Refined weapons are now forced checked on hit/cast.
  • Fixed a client crash that happens randomly
  • Fix an issue with poison stacking – this allows new poison to replace previous ( This is the official logic verified )
  • Zuma’s Stoned appearance not working correctly
  • Moonlight – Fixed issue that caused an assassin’s smokescreen to be broadcast to all players after they are already hidden. (This should only show when they cast moonlight/darkbody)
  • FlashDash – Fixed issue that caused character to freeze occasionally
  • FlashDash – Removed cooldown to match official. (This will therefore give Sins the ability to ‘dash’ continuously, but they will still take damage and will use mana fast)
  • Poison Cloud PVE Damage buff + 50% damage
  • Plague – MP drain on target players reduced from 200% damage to 150%
  • Plague – MP Cost is reduced when the target is hit (some of the MP is returned)
  • Plague – PVE Damage has been increased + 50% damage to account for no MP drain on target.
  • Slashing Burst – PVP Nerf -30% damage. (This is necessary temporary adjustment to account for the lack of HP buffs)
  • Reset the Sabuk Wall Schedule, Sabuk war should now start again.
  • RedMoonSword should now break on death as intended and can be dropped.
  • Fixed Hellfire Lobby door back to 3rd floor not working
  • Fixed no FrozenZumaStatues spawning in LunarTemple_2F
  • Fixed FlamingMutant cooleye attribute
  • FlamingMutant now gives off light
  • FrozenZumaGuardian and FrozenZumaStatue no longer gives of light
  • Fixed ZumaGuardian and FrozenZumaStatue cooleye attribute
  • Fixed Stats on MirArmour (now correctly gives MP regen instead of HP+%)
  • Fixed final floors of Labyrinth Maze and Screming hell (were previously cells incorrectly flagged on the edge of the map where it was possible to get stuck)
  • Fixed map attributes across Lunar

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