BETA Update 2

Firstly, please accept our apologies for the lack of site updates over recent weeks. We continue as ever to work towards our goals. The world has changed immensely over the last few months. Like many others, we have faced new and expected challenges and have needed to adjust to new ways of life.

Despite this, the last couple of weeks have been among the busiest and content-rich this server has seen. Although, ultimately, we’re behind on schedule, we’ve continued to bring non-stop updates to the game and edge ever closer to release. More on this soon…

The Open BETA test continues to run and has been wildly more productive, fun and exciting than we could have possibly imagined and that is most part due to the brilliant community which has come together to help us make this a reality. So from our team, a massive thank you to everyone who has taken part so far.

Right now the game is in great shape and without a doubt the closest English Official Mir 2 Replica in existence, and we’re incredibly close to realising our dream of bringing the authentic game experience back, and this time to stay. Here is the complete updates-list, applied since we last posted here:

Combined update list:

(these contain database, environment and developer logs in partial chronological order)

(!) Shout range doubled
Adding reconnect attempt to client when send data fails.
Fixed Map respawn GUI for adding new entries
Added Mission X, Y to respawn screen, this will force the mobs to move to that location after being spawned. (Use this lightly)
Added Teleport Point check to the Map Safe Zone tab. (To make SZ without adding teleport point)
Fixed hero bag weight issue, should now always be correct.
Fix for monsters appearing dead until you walk over to them.
Fix for Shock/Poison getting ‘paused’ when players are not around – should now expire.
Fix for players becoming invissible after using ressurection.
Items with Dura 0 now show as red
Fixed Hero Item Merging Fixed Hero items ghosting in bag after use
Tweaks to EvilMir animation timings
Client Blending Tweaks Added new damage indicators to ease testing – evade, resist and block.
Defaulting allow inspection to true
Fix: allow multiple reconnection attempts
Fix black screen after start game
Adding auto reconnect
General Fixes Fixed some more baseitem comparisons to use Guid instead of references
Fixed Spiritsword/Slaying Accuracy
Fixed taming level restriction
Fixed Checkmon npc command
Fixed Hero Bene Fixes for hero ressurection issue (hopfully)
Fixed Hero torch issue
Fixed NPC mail collection
Fixed Reseted exp going missing (hopfully)
Fix spiritsword and slaying passive accuracy.
Fix issue with bounceback when walking+meleeing fast.
TurnUndead monster level mechanics fixed
Magic/energy shield damage reduction is now applied after armour
Fixed view range of RedMoonEvil
Increased spawns in Red Moon Room
Fixed gold drops from Yimoogi
Various fixes to RedMoonSword Quest scripts
Omas in Premium Dungeon Tier 1 are no longer Undead
Fixed Monster Level of all types of ZumaArcher monsters (Battlegrounds, ZumaTemple, BlackDragonDungeon)
Fixed Premium Dungeon Monster Levels (all tiers – in anticipation of TU monster level compare mechanic fix)
Players can no longer death drop items in the Infinite Bout Challenge maps
Increased difficulty of Infinite Bout
Scarecrow boss in Mystery Cave now drops Gold
Ancient KingHog and Ancient WhiteBoar now radiate light
Fixed MirKing Cooleye attribute
Can no longer Random Teleport in the following maps: Bloodpass, Bloodland, Red Moon Valley 5th floor, Ancient Stone Temple 3rd floor, PrajnaTemple 7th floor
Tweaks to Gem failure rates
Added Eel to Item Database
Added Eel to Fishing rewards
Fixed Dangerous Skeleton Quest
Tweaks to Mystery Cave Random Added Stats
Mystery Cave is now Dark
Can no longer Random Teleport in Mystery Cave
Adjustments to spawn timers in Mystery Cave
Evil Mir Palace is now Dark
Past Bichon Invasions added
New SafeZones (no teleport version) added in various areas in BichonWall main town
No death drop on mission mobs
Guards ignore mission mobs
Mission location radius reduced
New SafeZone (no teleport version) added to Prajna Island Storage
MirStatue directions fixed
Torches pause in SZ
Refine now needs at least one pieces of BIO
CresentSlash range increase
Fixed issue where hero would not appear on screen (Hopfully needs testing)
Attempt at fix for Quest item counters resetting
Players can now kill heros
Additional hooked added to client to trigger reconnect.
Fix for Hero resurrection
Increasing packet trace to only log over 20ms
Fix Hero TU
Monster AI Tweaks:
AncientBoneLord AI updated
CrystalWeaver client frames updated
FrozenRedZuma client frames updated
IceGuard updated
AncientBringer AI created
Fixed Force Recruit and Dangerous as ever Quests level requirements
Corrected map move events in Evil Mir Palace and Molten Rock Cavern as per Korean
New Safe Zone (no teleport version) added to Prajna Island Harbour
Fixed movespeed of Winged Oma
Fixed attackspeed of Crossbow Oma
Fixed movespeed and attackspeed of following monsters: BlueViper, YellowViper, EvilSpider
Fixed Accuracy and Agility of EvilSpider
You no longer teleport or respawn at the Safe Zone in WoomyonWoods(S)
Added KingOfWildBeast to Ancient Route
Added AncientBringer to Ancient Remains
Tweak to HellCannibal attacks poison duration
Fixed accuracy on Shaman Zombies (should no longer miss)
Tweaks to stats of KingOfWildBeast and AncientBringer
Real EvilTongs and Real EvilSnake added to Black Dragon Dungeon 1st Floor
BlackIronGlove added to Item Database
Added BlackIronGlove to drop files
MysteryHelmet renamed MysteryCap (all references updated)
MysteryCap now has unique Random Added Stats
Removed NoDrug attribute from Contest Ground
Added Trainers to Academy rooms in Bichon Wall
Fixed Ancient Wooma Mysterious Stone allowing entry before required level
Potential fix for Ancient Stone Temple Mysterious Stone’s Quest
Updated Monster Database AIs on: Ancient Bringer & Ancient Bone Lord

The new (beta) launcher is now available on

Major features:

Choose client installation location
Remembers logins / allows logout
Faster updates
Can register in launcher
Set client settings in the launcher
Look bitchin’

Automatic fishing
Happy hour 4 times a day (Double finshing rates) This is visible as a buff
Fix for mobs corpses disappearing sooner than expected
Fix for hero disappearing after dieing which was causing resurrection to fail
Fix for patrols
Fix for refining
Change to client to limit reconnections to 5 attempts, also it will no longer try to reconnect if it has specifically been disconnected by the server.
Fix to quest items not tracking (needs verifying)
Added message to client to notify when trying to summon a dead hero.
Fixes for Creatures
Hero/Character name checks
OK AI tweak – range increase from 7 to 9 and took out target failure on stack
Reduced item use time – may help with pots ghosting.
Torches and Mounts are now non-repairable
Added 24 Hour SkillTorch to Game Shop
Boar Tooth Quest renamed Boar Teeth Quest
Potential fix for Boar Teeth Quest
Fixed drop issues with special Evil Snakes and Evil Tongs in BDD first floor (removed actual real ones)
24 hour Experience Scrolls re-introduced to Game Shop
50% and 30% Premium Experience Scrolls moved to 30% and 15% respectively
Weapons can no longer drop with Randomly Added Accuracy
Fixed Weird Pillar Quest interaction
Fixed LureSpider poison damage
Added KingOfWildBeast monster
Tweaked Ancient Bringer AI/Frames
Added crit on tele to BG mobs
Allow levelled monsters to use teleport logic
Fix for hallucination
Fix for Hell lord quakes not hitting heros
Made Fishing pause buffs like SZ
Changed Creature auto pickup toggle to ctrl + tab
Fix for quest item reward parsing
Fix for double slash first hit is now vs AC instead of AMC
Made luck more difficult to obtain through benes
Another fix to prevent quest items going missing.
Outbound network optimizations, now limiting packets processed per player per cycle, also using async stream writer.
Possible Fix for sticky item tooltips
Fixed WingedTigerLord AI so it no longer goes idle after player hits and wants away.
Fix AncientBonelord AI to spawn correct mobs
Created Crude Stress testing tool
MirKing adjusted to 3 hour spawn timer
Fixed various Torches providing Dura Protection and Skill Necklace attributes
Fight map attribute disabled for all maps except BattleGrounds and ContestGrounds
Following Mystery Cave monsters radiate light like their real counterparts: Ghoul, EvilTongs, EvilSnake, WoomaGuardian, Woomataurus
Fixed stats and restrictions on DemonShadow, HelmetOfSorcercy, HelmetofKings and PurifiedMask
Fixed Success rates of Baits
Tweaks to Safe Zone sizes and positions in Bichon Wall
Tweaks to fishing catch rates of high-end Gems
Increased Bait prices
Added 2nd NPC to facilitate entry to MysteryCave on Sundays
Ancient Ruins NPC (Excavationer_Stuart) now accepts Gold entry above level 38
Ancient Ruins NPC (Excavationer_Stuart) now accepts AncientPass entry at any level
Premium and Fishing bait stacks limited to 750
HellBat added to Monster Database
KingOfWildBeast stats tweaked
AncientBringer now radiates Light
Further tweaks to fishing catch rates
Added missing BladeAvalanche to numerous drop files
Added AncientPass to Game Shop (1 and 3 days only)
Fixed level of BigHedgeKekTal
Fixed various attributes on Ancient Ruins, Ancient Route, Ancient Remains and CastleRuins (no drop player and wrong reconnect maps)
Fixed broken connection path links between Bug Caves and Serpent Valley Mines
Added Disabled Character Names list (offensive character names outside of this list may still be ban-able)
Added descriptions to Mystery Cave items
No more pacifist Mystery Cave Deers
Upgraded MysteryCave Scarecrow drop to Euro version
Fixed a few Guards 1 cell out of position in Border Village and Woomyon Fortress
Battle Grounds now allows groups of 4 or more players
Fixed issue in Battle Grounds NPC which would try to Move group leader without the rest of the Party
Added better description of Battle Grounds requirements
Fixed LT/HD Lunar Items dropping with too much Max Durability
Increased DeerHorn and DeerBlood some Gold value at Material Collector (no longer totally redundant)
Added HP and MP Booster(S) to Ancient Ruins Potion Shop
All Marbles now stackable up to 10
WoomaHorn and ZumaRelic now Legendary Rarity
Screaming Hell maps now always Dark
Fixed HellKeepers poison lasting too long
Dura loss is now fixed (was temporarily taking far too much)
Adjusted Mines Spot Automatic Refresh Rate to 2mins (from 5min – fix for AFK mining)
Removed Prajna Island Harbour Safe Zone
KingOfWildBeast renamed QueenOfWildBeast
KingOfWildBeast added to Monster Database
KingOfWildBeast replaces QueenOfWildBeast spawns in Ancient Remains
Tweaks to Weighting of various auxiliary Stats (MR, PR, Freeze, Poison etc.)
Fixed too many AncientWhiteBoars spawning in Ancient Stone Temple 2nd
Tweaks to Spawns of all Ancient Caves
Adjustments to QueenOfWildBeast/KingOfWildBeast damage output
Fish now give Regenerating Health not Instant Health
WoomaHeart and DeerBlood can now be consumed for 30mins of stat bonuses (now have some purpose)
Prajna Island Harbour Safe Zone totally removed
Built drop file for QueenOfWildBeast (King uses old Queen file)
Survival, Wizard and Taoist set all upgraded to Mythical Rarity
MirKings drops adjusted
Rebuilt drop file for EvilHog
Adjusted EvilHog stats
Fixed Small Stones dropping too infrequently in Oma Cave
Replaced final objective in Ancient Oma Cave Quest with go-to text
Translucent renamed TranslucentCrystal
TranslucentCrystal added to Fishing rewards
ArmourBook(ACC) (instead of ArmourBook(DC)) required for crafting GoldDarkArmours
Added BuyBack facility to TravellingMerchant
Clicking ranking row now allows you to inspect
Players online have a green name on ranking
Scroll bar added + mouse scroll to view up to 100 players on ranking
Modified Heroes FW so that it looks slightly different and can be overwritten by a player but not vice versa
Fix an issue where a hero could target a player
Fixed a crash when a player would log off after using a ring that gives a temporary skill
Fixed a crash caused by a NPC list threading issue
Fixed issue where guild packets were being sent to alts on the same account (double chat etc)
Fixed an issue where mirroring would cost 120% MP rather than 20% MP when clone gets hit
Added limit to how often ranking gets updated to 1 Minute (Was firing every single time a player receives EXP)
Fixed an issue with TDB which would cause the second swing to ignore Agility.
Added Luck as a buff type, to fix Eel’s
Possible fix for moving map disconnects
Altered Player/Hero death drops no longer break items on death for PVP / Mission mobs
Fixed issue with Red death drops which was preventing body dropping
GM’s or their Heroes can no longer body drop on death. (Sorry :P)
Tweaked Dura loss to make it closer to official rate
Optimized Task processor for more efficient processing on the server
Fixed patrols not following path when players out of range
Tweaks to Evil Mir AI
Fixes to Shoulder dash
Mass drop EvilApes replaced with real BigApes in Red Moon Room
Reworked following drop files: BigApes, real EvilApe, EvilBigApe
Fixed Small Stones dropping too infrequently in Mines
Built spawns for Castle Ruins
Added Chocolate to Item Database
Chocolates now drop from OmaGuards inside Kings Tomb
Adjusted Mines Ore drop rates (from mining)
Potential Fix Belt pots ghosting
Fixed Wizard/Tao spells procing poisoning/slow from +PA/Slow
Adjusted pet levelling to scale with the pet’s level (Lower level pets need less exp to level)
Fixed issue with Last hitter not being set in certain circumstances which causes issues with die/deathdrop
Fix for World map incorrectly showing players outside of group.
Fix issued that would cause database save to fail
Fixed issue where ranking would appear empty (Hopefully)
Fixed Lightning skill so that it hits the correct number of spaces
Added thread priorities to the Game server to optimise processing order
Made Curse successes rates scale with spell level
Fixed issue with Mass Hiding
Removed Edit Envir references – this was causing some settings to fail to save when changed
Fixed crash with levelled monster drops
Added Players Body luck, increases when hunting monsters/levelling up, decreases when dying or cursing your weapon. Body luck affects Crafting success rates for items that are less than 100%. This will be expanded to Refines/Gemming. @bodyluck command added to check current luck
Added crafting success rates to set certain recipes less than 100%
Added purity/dura check to crafting recipes
Added fix for War heroes Half Moon not hitting the front target
Mystery Items no longer show as added.
Fixed issue with Registration emails sometimes being delivered to Junk
Tweaks to the number of ChestnutTrees, EbonyTrees, CherryTrees and LargeMushrooms in Bichon Province and Woomyon Woods (South)
Transforms now last 3 hours instead of 1 hour
Added No Death Drop attribute to BlueFishingRod and RedFishingRod
Added descriptive ingredient items for Gem Crafting
Added Gem Crafting Recipes
Added Craftable Gem Recipe descriptions to all Crafts Ladies
Added Craftable Gems to all Crafts Ladies
Added @BodyLuck command to ArtificialManual (@help dialogue)
Adjustment to the positions of Names and Guilds in Client (now same as official)
Tweaks to drop files in Ancient Oma Caves
Reapplied weighting of Magic Resistance and Poison Resistance (previous weighting changes had been undone due to a bug – this time offensive stat weighting is left with original values)
Added Start of Texture Atlas / Quad draws, toggled by Settings.UseAtlas disabled by default.
Client has received various optimizations for performance and synchronisation with the server, this should hopefully help eliminate ghosts.
Added Experimental threading to client, disabled by default
Torches/Chocolates drop full dura
Body luck now affects Benes
Fixed Hero passive skills not giving the correct base accuracy for Fatal sword and Spirit sword
Fixed Dura Loss / Repair updates to client for Heroes (Also fixes RepairOil/WGO)
Fixed issue with heroes autopot thinking it had ran out if there was a single pot in the bag
Fixed draw order of object names so that they cant been seen through darkness unless hovered
Fix hero halfmoon / thrusting logic
Fix for slow AI/timers falling out of sync after long uptime.
YinCrystal, EvilCrystal and TaoCrystal are all now CraftingMaterial item type
SoulBits are now Weight 0
SoulBits are now stackable up to 10,000
Removed No Drop (Players) on all Returnee Items (still destroyed on drop)
To Bichon Quest can now be Finished
Added Assassin section with all skills, levels and descriptions to all MirGuide NPCs
Fixed Stats on HardSteelSword (quest item)
Fixed Durability on SteelSword
Fixed ValeBat AI (now chance to paralyse on attack and harvestable)
Added VillainMerchant NPC Script
Fixed Various NPCs in Hell checking wrong PK Point values
Added FireHellPass to Item Database
Updated NPC scripts for WanderingMonk and GuardianMonk
Added ‘1 Purity’ requirement to all Recipes which include Mined Ores prior to Gem Crafting patch (stops misleading message about requiring maximum durability ore during crafting process)
HedgeKekTal and BigHedgeKekTal now use normal range finding AI (no longer approach their target)
Fixed broken map move event between Stone Temple 4th and Stone Temple 3rd
Fixed Premium_Guard monster level (was levelling faster than intended using new pet experience scaling)
Delay go to replaced with TimeRecall in Premium Dungeon key rooms (can now be broken with teleport)
Fixed map attributes in Premium Dungeon key rooms
Added tiered Silver Key Skeletons to Monster Database
Added Silver Key Mechanics to Premium Dave NPCs (all tiers)
Various Bosses no longer erroneously drop AmuletofRevival
Added Green Key Mechanics to Premium John NPCs (tiers 1 – 3)
Fixed missing level 40 Necklaces in numerous Boss drop files
Fixed many instances of improper use of CheckHum command in NPC scripts across the game
Introduced Green and Silver Keys to Premium Dungeon drop files
Fixed mapmove event to Wastelands being incorrectly placed in Bichon Province
Tweaks to Khazard drop file
Tweaks to drops of all Hell monsters
Fixes to various parts of Holy Sword Quest (Red Moon Sword)
Tweaks to drops of Fox Temple monsters
Tweaks to level 40+ Skill Book drops rates across the game
All classes To Bichon Quests can now be finished (previously only Taoist version was fixed)
Added missing Zombies to B1ofMine
Ancient Stone Temple minimum level requirement lowered to 30
Fixes various login issues
Server efficiency optimizations
Various network optimizations
Rebuilt EvilMir Book drops files
Added missing RedScaleBoots to a number of boss drop files
No longer have to click ‘Close’ button on Master Taoist (Abel’s) Story (part of Holy Sword / Red Moon Sword Quest)
Fixed potential stuck on Abel’s Story part of Holy Sword Quest (Red Moon Sword)
Fixed DarkRing item type (was previously unwearable)
Added better (more granular) feedback messages for BattleGrounds entry requirement checks
Added BrokenPillar and WoljigukSurvivor NPCs to LunarTemplePass 1st floor
Added NPC logic for BrokenPillar
Tweaks to Awakening Disassembly rates
AwakeningSouls are no longer created by Disassembling items
AwakeningHammers can now created by Disassembling items
Added SecretPillar NPC to LunarTemplePass 2nd floor
Added Lunar Item Crafting Recipes
Added NPC logic for WoljigukSurvivor
Fixed Secret Path Quest being unfinishable
Removed all monsters from StoneLanternRoom
Tweaks to spawn counts in N_1FofDungeon
Fixed issue with Master Perry no longer updating a flag for Holy Sword Quest (Red Moon Sword)
Can now restart Fate Sword Quest if failed Rock Paper Scissors challenge
Fixed Vincent not taking FateSwordBook
Fixed Potions dropping too infrequently in Foxes and Ancient Stone Temple
Added better FateSword final challenge description
Added success checks and time remaining hints every minute to FateSword final challenge
FateSword final challenge timer reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes
Awakening features disabled (temporarily)
Fixed RedThunderZuma’s stats
Fixed crafting RedJadeShoes displaying 21 RubyOre purity requirement
Removed NoHairTool(M) from GameShop (it is provided by HairTool9 which is unisex)
Rebuilt RedCave monster drop files
Safety of Secret Path Quest now requires correct Zombie type
Tweaks to the defensive stats of Ancient Ruins monsters
Fixed the attack and movespeed of SpiderWarrior
Adjusted HP of IncarnatedWT/IncarnatedZT/KingHog
Dispatched_Soldier now gives failure message when you try to enter HellCavern and are not carrying the BichonToken
Rebuilt FoxCave monster drop files
Rebuilt drop file for VioletKekTal
Tweaks to the drop files of BrownEvilSnake, AncientWhiteBoar & AncientKingHog
Fixed prices of TimeStonePiece, ZumaRelic and WoomaHorn
Added MossyBox Logic
Adjusted Weighting of Offensive Auxillary stats (proc rate of Poison / Freezing)
Added SabukWall Administrator NPC Script
Added Trainer to Mongchon PrivateHouse
Mongchon PrivateHouse is now a FightZone
Various NPCs added and updated in preparation for WoomyonValley
Disabled Pillar NPC from SeokchoMine 3rd Floor (not required)
Added Butterfly NPCs for SeokchoMine 1st – 4th Floors to NPC Database
Added the 21 CatStatues to SeokchoMines 3rd and 4th Floor to NPC Database
Added HeadOfGwanhoedan to SeokchoMines 3rd Floor to NPC Database
Various NPCs added in preparation for Peunmokdo
Added Map Movement events for PeunmokVillage
Various NPCs added in preparation for PeunmokVillage and Stores
Added Mapmove Events in preparation for Peunmokdo CargoShip
Added Peunmokdo Sailboat maps to Map Database
Added Mapmove Events in preparation for Peunmokdo Sailboat
Added UnknownIsland maps (01 – 21) to Map Database
Added Fishery maps to Map Database
Added FootballField and QuizRoom event maps to Map Database
Added GwanghoedanInvestigator NPCs to PeunmokVillage and WoomyonValley
Fixed issue whereby the auction house was not removing it’s items from the database correctly
Fixed issue where expired auctions where always saved to the database even if they were already expired
Performance optimzations relating to Trust Merchants
Fixed issue with players disconnecting during a Trust Merchant Query
Fixed issue preventing display of newly added NPCs
Fixed issue which could prevent the Server booting if a map move event is added with null target
Pet Time Out setting changed from 60 to 500 (hours)
Various NPCs added in preparation for Common Fishery Islands
Various NPCs added in preparation for Other Fishery Islands
Added Mapmove Events in preparation for Grey Cave and Temple
Fixed Exception with Auto Pathing
Various DB fixes
Added Smooth movement option (Ctrl+Alt+S toggle)
Fix for Lion roar affecting players or heroes
Added support for new Korean Maps.
Added Safe Inventory feature
Animation speed cap fix
Increased data distance back to 20
Possible fix for ‘stuck mobs at edge of screen’
Fix for Server Side drop error message
Logic for opening safe bag
Fixed various issues with AutoPatcher
MossyBox added to Fishing rewards
Various NPCs added in preparation for Unknown Islands
Fixed Stats on GreenDarkArmour and GoldDarkArmour (now gives MP Regen instead of HP+%)
WoomyonWoods(S) Mini Map changed to smaller version
Added MysteriousBox to Item Database
Fix: Mass healing not working when stood on and item.
Fix: Client ghosting images.
Fix: ElectricShock – If a mob is flagged as a boss, but it can be tamed, then only allow one of that mob. (FT / Khazard / Crystal Spider)
Fix: Assassin Hero spell logic tweaks – fix for Heavenly sword spam and a fixed bug that made accuracy not as important.
Fix: NPC command GROUPLEADER check
Fix: group recall bug not determining the group leader correctly
Fix: prevent MysteriousBox from being put inside itself.
Fix: Ultimate Enhancer now applies the buff to the caster as well as the castee to match official behaviour.
Fix: Allow Rage/Pro field to level if the buff is already active. However, it does not refresh the buff timer.
Rename Strong to Inten. Nostaliga/accuracy purposes 🙂
Fix: Allow heroes to use poision/freezing stats for melee procs. Also amended the logic that applies for when a monster is shocked – if they do not have cooleye their targeting range will be reduced to 2 cells which shocked. This fixes issues with Traphex/eshock/trap.
Fix: Hero torch depleting in SZ when it should pause.
Fix: Heroes poison sword
Added initial MysteriousBox crafting logic to Premium Dungeon Oliver NPCs in all Tiers
Added MysteriousBox upgrade logic to Premium Dungeon Oliver NPCs in all Tiers
Introduced GoldDragonRing, DemonRubyRing & EvilExpelRing into drop files
Added Guild Territory Maps to Map Database
Added pre-challenge pet checking logic and notice to Old Man Infinity
Added forbidden pet notices to infinite bout challenge NPCs
All Travelling Merchants renamed to Collector
Item collectors are now always visible
Fixed Tameable / Undead attributes on CrystalSpider
Fix: Archers auto/passive attack bug
Fix: Archer poison shot was lasting far to long, adjusted scaling
Fix: Added gem success sparkle
Change: Reworked Gem and Orb Success / Failure and Break mechanics
Change: Allow hero to be summoned in combat.
Added 2100×900 (2100) as a resolution option for ultra-wide displays.
Fix: Backstep was not checking if the player had left safezone, this is now resolved.
Fix: Tao hero will now try to buff/heal etc even when there are no monsters about. Also should now buff friendlies.
Fix: Map light alignment
Fix: tweaks to the items that a hero can use from their bag, can no longer use Gems, transforms or any scroll items except bene/wgo/rep oil.
Fix: Ultimate Enhancer buff for heroes now gives the correct stats based on hero class.
Fixes for levelled monsters – cant tame/TU, scaling tweak, extended drop files.
Fix: rankings not showing online state
Fix: Prevent heroes from using EXP Potions from their bag. Hero EXP buffs should be fixed by tweaks to the network stack – split in/outbound into separate threads, rejigged some logic – the ‘ghost connection’ issue should now be resolved, patched to potential null references caught when stress testing.
Fix – VSync option is re-enabled
Fixed Movement Speed of Zuma’s in Black Dragon Dungeon
Added Mapmove Events in preparation for Guild Territories
Enabled Fishing in Central Ponds in Bichon Wall
Enabled Fishing in Guild Territory Ponds
Potions now allowed in Bichon Contest Room
Fixed EvilMir Cooleye Attribute
Red/Blue/PurpleFoxCollars now classified as ‘Rare’ instead of ‘Legendary’
Reworked EvilMir’s drop file
Fixed BattleGrounds NPC script failing
Fixed Images used to MysteriousBox (now also upgrades to golden version in final 2 levels)
Max stats from Gems / Orbs now set to 10
Fix: Hero passive/auto-attack now uses DC instead of MC, Accuracy can increase chance of a hit. Other Balancing adjustments also applied.
An initial draft of Archer Hero implemented
Fix: Heroes Magic shield was not applying correctly.
Fix: Heroes could be told to manually cast when de-summoned.
Fix: Heroes manual cast was not range checked.
Fix: Heroes manual cast was not cast time checked.
Fix: Heroes looking for friendly targets will now only find group members and their heroes
Fix: TS stun with 2 wiz should work better now, no longer TS casts to be alternate timings for stun to be effective, closer to official behaviour.
Added Elementalshot/barrier for Archer Hero
Fix: Issue with tao hero not casting
ElementalShield now costs 33 mana at level 0 and increases by 4 per level
Adjusted all Archer skills level scaling and skill points to Official values
Adjusted cooldowns of all Archer skills to Official values
Added descriptions to the books of Focus, StraightShot and DoubleShot (including whether they can be taught to heroes)
Added descriptions to the books of SummonVampire, SummonSnakes and SummonToad (including whether they can be taught to heroes)
Added descriptions to the books of ExplosiveTrap, ElementalShot, BackStep and NapalmShot (including whether they can be taught to heroes)
Adjusted stats of VampireSpider
Crafting Ingredients for level 30 Weapons and level 44 Armours can now also be obtained in Ancient Ruins
Fishing Baits can now be stacked to 100,000
Hell Fire Kings Room is no longer a no-drop zone

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