Legend of Mir 2 Archer Update

I believe this is a significant enough change to game to warrant it’s very own post. Last weekend we began the BETA test to include the official specification Archer class in-game. The Archer class is a post-USA content update, but after careful consideration, we felt the fairest way to implement the class was from the onset.

This has been many months in research and development state and we believe something we can finally deliver at the high standards we hold ourselves to. The end result is an amalgamation of changes, data and intel from a combination of the official documentation, 3rd party documentation, player video and streaming and first-hand testing on the Korean servers, to which we believe we have reproduced with a high degree of accuracy.

The Archer class is a ranged physical and magical hybrid which relies heavily on player positioning, preferring to attack in numbers from afar to cause maximum damage at minimal risk. It has its own totally exclusive item sets currently ranging from levels 1 to 60 and above, all of which have been added to the relevant monster drops and crafting systems and you can obtain today. We also allow you to command the new Archer class as heroes, with full custom AI.

This is an exciting development as provided we experience no show-stopping issues over the coming weeks, it’s now incredibly likely Artificial Legend of Mir 2 will feature all 5 official playable classes; fully supported on release.

Below are the recently applied updates and changes that helped make this possible:

When player initializes make sure the trade inventory is empty and returns any trade items back to the players.
Archer Hero – Added Elementalshot/barrier and orb system.
Added new DelayedAction type to allow an embedded callback.
Fix: Allow heroes to be revived through Taos reincarnation skill
Added check to prevent heroes from being sealed while holding items.
Reworded the seal dialogue for more clarity.
Added correct texts for failed hero release scroll
Added gem count to the item tool tip in the form of +X to the teir line.
Fix: Allow heroes to use benes
Fix: Group item pickups are now always announced if the item is rare or better or if its added.
Group pickups item stats are now linked in the chat.
Also applied a potential fix for the item tooltip bug where it gets stuck.
Fix: for root/weavers going invisible.
Automatic Dupe checking/prevention.
Tweaks to Creatures logic
Tweaks to EM
Added Archer Skill Level information to all MirGuide NPCs
Added available Archer Skills for Heroes to Legendary Hero NPC
Fixed levels on Frozen Zuma monsters
Added TurquioiseFoxRing/Bracelet/Collar and GreatTurquoiseFoxRing/Brace/Collar to Item Database
GoldBelt is now classifed as Rare
Added Sapphire Set and Sapphire Set (H) to Item Database
Fixed NephriteBracelet(H) being craftable without the Bracelet
Added Crafting Recipes for Sapphire Set and Sapphire Set (H)
Fixed missing NephriteNecklace recipe from Crafts Ladies
Added Sapphire Set and Sapphire Set (H) recipes to all Crafts Ladies
Rebuilt all monster book drop files to include Archer skills for correct levels at equivalent rarities
Premium_Guard Scroll now checks for Pet Name rather than Pet Count (and no longer requires slaying of existing pets)
Crystal Armours now give perpetual Light effect
ArmourCastTool is now classifed as Rare
Introduced BlackTiger to Premium Dungeon drop files
Concentration now costs 16 mana at level 0 and increases by 2 per level
VampireShot now costs 13 mana at level 0 and increases by 1 per level
StraightShot no longer costs mana at all levels
ElementalShot now costs 23 mana at level 0 and increases by 3 per level
Fixed misleading level requirements and missing level check at Infinite Bount Challenge NPCs
PoisonShot now costs 7 mana at level 0 and increases by 2 per level
Adjusted damage scaling of StraightShot, ElementalShot and NapalmShot
SummonSnakes now costs 36 mana at level 0 and increases by 4 per level
SummonVampire now costs 25 mana at level 0 and increases by 3 per level
Removed duplicated Rare Medicine Quest at Penal Village
Heroes should now correctly de-level when release fails
Improved Hero Released Scroll unlock success rate
Fix: Adjustments to Archer skills Added Damage indicator key toggle: CTRL + X
Fix: Can summon hero in combat
Fix: Removed huge light source from fired arrows
Fix: Archers now walk towards the target if its out of range and it has been clicked.
Fix: Adjustment to the Archer damage calulations to take into account DC, MC and OrbPower.
Fix: resolved issue which allowed Bleeding debuff to stack.
Fix: Tweak to EM body damage calulation to prevent it being abused by mass high damage AOE.
Fix: Dead mob corpses should clear faster now
Fix: Issue where skills requiring line of sight would miss due to small blocking objects (low walls). (SFB/FB/Arrows etc)
Added Archer Runes
Changed PoisonShot skill to passive toggle
Fixed: Poisons are now cleared on revive/trownrevive.
Tweaks to Archer skills for player+hero
Fix: VampireSpider bleed
Fix: Frosttiger – bleed now applies on melee hit instead of ranged and also does some damage. Fixed the ranged purple/blue freezing rates.
Fix: Hero Release scroll tooltip corrected.
Fix: Tao hero buff range for its master (was unlimited)
Fix: Hero FW drawing aggro to player instead of hero.
Fix: Poison cloud poision
Fix: Torch/fire placements on cetain maps
Fix: Heroes Shield/Barrier was applying twice and before AC was applied.
Chestnut Request Quest now gives additional gold to the value of the Gold Chestnuts collected
Adjusted Attack Speed of Snake Totem to match official
Added the following Archer Necklaces to Item Database: BlueTopazNecklace, IvoryNecklace, JadeiteBead, StoneIronMeteorite
Added the following Archer Bracelets to Item Database: RangerBloodGlove, AegisBracelet, TailWheel, FormlessWheel, StarWheel
Added the following Archer Rings to Item Database: BlueDragonRing, VineRing, PrincesRing, RepairRing, WildDestinyRing, FengShuiRing
Various additional level 50+ Items introduced to high-level Boss drop files
Fixed door to Lunar Cave 2F to Lunar Temple Pass 1F
Mongchon Deletegate NPC removed
All Quests previously started / finished at the MongchonDelegate are moved to the Mongchon MirGuide
Added RepairRing, WildDestinyRing and FengShuiRing to drop files across the game
All Skill Books are now colour coded according to class requirements
Added BlueDragonRing, VineRing and PrincesRing to drop files across the game
Added TailWheel, FormlessWheel, and StarWheel to drop files across the game
Added RangerBloodGlove and AegisBracelet to drop files across the game
Added BlueTopazNecklace, IvoryNecklace, JadeiteBead and StoneIronMeteorite to drop files across the game
Fixed image for JadeNecklace
Added missing JadeNecklace to various drop files
Added Archer Accessories to relevant merchant NPCs
Added ElementalRune(S)/(M)/(L)/(Sp)/(Bat) to Item Database
Added ElementalRunes to all Peddler NPCs
Added descriptions to the books of Meditation, ElementalShield, and Concentration (including whether they can be taught to heroes)
Added the following Archer Items to Item Database: TourmalineNecklace, WindMarchPendant, MelodyBracelet, BlackWindWheel, LoyaltyRing & ChiRainRing
Fixed Gold values of level 35+ Accessories
Added TourmalineNecklace, WindMarchPendant, MelodyBracelet, BlackWindWheel, LoyaltyRing & ChiRainRing to drop files across the game
Fixed Stats on ScaledArmour(M)/(F)
Adjusted damage scaling of ExplosiveTrap and DelayedExplosion
ScaledArmour(M)/(F) renamed to ScaledDarkArmour(M)/(F)
Added Crafting Recipes for ScaledDarkArmour(M)/(F)
Added ScaledDarkArmour(M)/(F) recipes to all Crafts Ladies
Added ScaledDarkArmour(M)/(F) to drop files across the game
Re-enabled monster drops of Archer Weapons, Armours and Books
Archer character creation enabled

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