4 Weeks of BETA

A massive thank you to everyone who has taken the time to join us in testing the game. We’ve had a great turn out, far better than we were perhaps expecting. We’ve made huge progress in tackling all of the priority bugs and have even managed to find some time to add some of the features we’ve been planning to add.

We’re still often being asked if the server is being wiped, and how long until the release date. The server will be wiped on release and we have a better idea on release dates than ever before, and we’re definitely looking on the earlier end of our original predictions. We expect at least another 6-10 weeks of testing and development remain.

Below are the changelogs from the last month of BETA testing.

Week 1

– Resolved several login issues
– May have resolve windows 7/8 issues
– login server successfully updated
– Added 1600×900 as resolution option, use 1600 ion mir2config.
– Fatal sword level up issue fixed
– Double Slash animation fixed
– Fixed issue where you intermittently could not group players that was on different maps
– Fixed an issued that caused heroes to become idle and stop attacking.
– Implemented a fix for quest items going missing (thanks Sanijan) Though I think we also have another issue that may still be causing this?
– Fixed an issue that would cause players to disconnect when changing maps sometimes
– Fixed an intermittent issue on the client that was causing items on the floor to disappear/reappear when moving (Please let me know if anyone experiences this – hard to replicate)
– Fixed intermittent issue where client would freeze when a monster (Hopefully please let me know if anyone experiences this again)
– Fixed World Map – was showing duplicating player icons
– Fixed server crash – rare issue when a player would change maps.
– Added to LOMCN server tracker (Had to fix an issue with our UC reporting string)
– Fixed Issue with Hero’s being too fast. Their melee attack speed may be slightly slower than intended right now and this will be tweaked.
– Fixed server crash – rare occurrence when a player disconnects
– Fixed server crash – rare occurrence in the logic where a player object notifies the objects around it of its presence.
– Fixed issue which was causing players to become ghosted with a black name (Hopefully)
– Fixed issue with intermittent objects not loading into view when logging into game/teleporting/reviving
– Tweak to Lightning Skill damage output
– Premium Dungeons are now No Fight zones
– Fixed some Helmets being unusable for Assassin class
– GoldKey item removed from non-Premium Dungeon drops
– Weapons can no longer drop with Randomly Added AttackSpeed
– Updated LegendaryHero NPC with Hero recruitment costs
– Can now finish To Bichon Quest at Peter (MirGuide) in Bichon Wall
– Commander Luke Quest Commented (Displays for hidden NPC)
– Changes to the Rates of Randomly Added Item drops
– Hero NPC now checks for level 22 or greater
– Healing skill rebalance
– Set Fishing Rods to correct weights
– SpiderLeg Crafting materials now stack
– Added String recipe to Crafts Ladies
– Tweaks to FrostTiger drop file
– Fixed Login incorrectly applying Exp buff instead of NewbieGuild buff
– Rework of Premium_Guard stats
– Lucky Necklace luck rates fixed
– Lucky Necklace types can now drop with Randomly Added DC / SC / MC
– Quests are no longer a requirement to access Ancient Caves (now just checks levels)
– Fixed teleport into Mid Level Cave
– Added missing HairCutTool (provides haircut 1 – Long Blue)
– Tweaks to Storage NPC Mary’s script to make Quest link more visible
– Creature Eggs removed from Game Shop (temporarily)
– Added information about PremiumPass’s level requirements to it’s description
– Fixed Serpent Valley Mines Ghoul spawns
– Fixed Lunar Cave entry on Dungeon Scroll Premium item
– Buffs are now saved on logout, they will also pause when in SZ (They will look like they disappear when in SZ, but reappear when out of SZ)
– Fix Group leader not being able to group new members
– Another fix in-place for ghosting players/drop deysnc
– Monster Levels added
– Viper Cave entry on Dungeon Scroll Premium item now takes you to SkullPile NPC
– Set official stats for Ancient Prajna Cave monsters
– Tweaks to Ancient Wooma Temple drops
– Tweaks to Ancient Prajna Cave drops
– Fixed Potion drop rates in Natural Caves
– Fixed Potion drop rates in Ancient Oma Caves
– Set official stats for Ancient Zuma Temple monsters
– Tweaks to GreatGhoul drop file
– Travelling Merchant Fred now always in Bichon Wall
– 24 Hour Scrolls removed from Game Shop (temporarily)
– Gale Ring and Gale Necklace can no longer be upgraded (this change was actually reversed)
– Added RotNdZombie into Serpent Valley Mines 2nd spawns
– Added BREAKTIMERECALL function to Premium Teleport scrolls
– Fixed issue where MysteriousDungeonScroll could be used as MysteriousTownScroll
– Tweaks to BoneCaptain and BoneBlademan drops
– Fixed missing Stats on Upgraded Crafted Boots

Week 2

– A buff will be displayed to show when you are in SZ
– Buffs are no longer lost when logging out in SZ
– Ghost fixes v76
– Slashing burst fix
– Shoulder dash fix
– Adding vendor/auction pricing to item hover
– Fixed targeting so that a missed target no longer fires to the top left
– Fix crash relating to heroes targeting an item
– Fix crash relating to a null reference on hero drop
– TM now shows new items first by default
– Inspect Hero fixed
– Assassin carry weights calculation fixed
– Fixed not functioning GreatGhoul drop file
– Fixed price of HairCutTool 1
– Tweaks to RedMoonEvil drop file
– Gale Ring and Gale Necklace can be upgraded (undo of previous change)
– Mir Set can no longer be upgraded
– Special Rings (Protection, Paralysis, Flame etc.) can no longer be upgraded
– Tweaks to ToxicGhoul drop file
– Tweaks to overall Randomly Added Stats rates
– Bichon Wall Safe Zone size halved
– Fixed Premium Dungeon Scroll allowing access to higher level areas than intended
– Rework of Ghoul2 drop file
– Dragon’sRoyalBlades renamed DragonsRoyalBlades (all references updated)
– Added missing UnknownOrb to Prajna Island Peddler
– BenedictionOil can now be stacked (up to 10)
– Added Potions to Travelling Merchant sellables
– Fixed Random Teleports being incorrectly allowed in various Kings Rooms
– Travelling Merchants will now only collect items at 80% rates
– SoulFireBall damage tweaked
– Plague damage tweaked
– Adjusted Gem rates from Fishing
– Adjusted caught Fish Prices
– Added Potion to sellable types at WiseFisherman
– Added all fishing Item types to sellable types at WiseFisherman
– Tweaks to level 36 Weapon drops across the game
– Added missing SunPotion(M)’s from Lunar Cave drop files
– Fixed missing Assassin and Archer Weapons from Hell Fire Monsters
– Tweaks to Stats of Premium Dungeon Tier 1 and Tier 2 Monsters
– Fixed BattleGrounds NPC asking for DragonScales instead of UnknownOrbs (still issue with NPC we’re investigating)
– Corrected Premium Dungeon Tier 1 Bone Elite Experience (suspected mistake in reference data)
– Most bosses will now only drop 1 Benediction Oil with 100% success rate (some can still drop additional)
– Tweaks to Recall Set item drop rates across the game
– Tweaks to Khazard drop file
– Tweak to Premium Dungeon Tier 2 Ghoul Experience
– Tweaks to spawns rates of Premium Dungeons Tier 1 – 3
– TaoCoronet now has correct level requirement
– Fixed drop error which was preventing them from being removed from the map by expiry.
– Changed despawn logic (Ghost buster)
– Tweaks to the way the logic is handled when a player disconnects. (Ghost buster)
– Fixed Hero Firewall
– Fixed Tao self-targeting issue, also now favours healing self/allies before any other spell.
– Hero summon feature has been given more logic to clear target/goto/guard locations etc to try and ‘unstuck’ them if they ever become bugged.
– Adding auto casting feature to client to aid players to level skills. Press Alt+ left click on the skills bar to toggle auto cast.
– Applying Assassin hand weight change to server side.
– Heroes can now be sent to a location using CTRL+ Click even when on ‘Do Not Move’
– Fix crash where hero tries to attack a floor item
– Fixed auto path when mounted
– Fixed an issue that was preventing idle mobs to be processed (poisoned mobs/corpses randomly found)
– SubjugationManager_James removed from NPC Database
– Commander_Luke removed from NPC Database
– Fixed Premium Dungeon Tier 1 monsters incorrectly dropping level 33 Assassin armour
– CrawlerZombie corrected to Zombie5 at the SabukSecretGate
– Added Missing level 26 Assassin and Archer Weapons from Slave drop file
– Adjustments to Slave drop file
– Tweaks to drop files of monsters in Past Bichon
– Adjustments to MirKing stats
– Fixed KingScorpion cooleye value (can no longer be hidden from)
– Tweaks to Black Dragon Dungeon Boss monster drop files
– Rebuilt Black Dragon Dungeon monster drop files
– Deadly Attack Quest can now be finished at Bichon Administrator
– Report to the Manager Quest can now be finished at Bichon Administrator
– Monster Hunt in Wooma Quest can now be started at Bichon Administrator
– Fixed 2 Red Thunder Zumas spawning in Zuma Temple 4th instead of just 1
– Tweaks to Craftable Item rates from Fishing
– Premium FishingPackage now contains FishingHook
– Tweaks to drop files of monsters in Zuma Temple
– Pet saving is now switched on
– Added missing BloodStealerSword to a number of drop files
– Tweaks to drop priority and rare item odds across the game
– PlatinumNecklace now gives correct MC 0-2 stats (previously MC 2-0)
– 24 Hour Hero EXP Scrolls removed from Game Shop (temporarily)
– Mined Ore added to TravellingMerchant’s collection type list
– Academy Maps are now No Fight Zones
– SoulSabre now gives correct DC / SC / Holy stats (now official stats)
– BlackDragonSoulSabre now gives correct DC / SC / Accuracy / Holy stats (now official stats)
– Removed Offensive stats from Masks / Bells / Mounts (they were redundant as only affected a mounted player)
– Added BoneAxeman into PremiumDungeon Tier 1 Floor 1
– Removed Timed Expiry for Premium Torches
– Tweaks to HP values of Taoist Pets (Shinsu and Bonefamiliar)
– Server optimizations/tweaks to target lag issues.
– Fixed grouping issues
– Fixed shops – can buy used.
– Fixed several server crashes

Week 3

– EvilSlayerRing now gives correct MC 0-2 stats (previously MC 0-3)
– Removed Quest checks from Ancient Wooma Temple entrance stone (now just checks levels)
– Adjustments to False White Evil Boar’s drop file (in Stone Temple 7th)
– Added description to all Mounts to indicate if a mask can be applied
– Wolf type Mounts are all now classed as Legendary Rarity
– Fixed Potion Merchant Harry’s NPC script in Sabuk Wall
– Added description to all Set Items to indicate bonuses given for complete sets
– Added descriptions to all Mount related items
– Fixed entrance to Ghoul Cave not functioning
– Can now use Random Teleports on Ancient Stone Temple 3rd Floor
– Adjustments to Stone drop rates from Monsters in Past Bichon
– BlackDragonStaff now gives correct MC (now official stats)
– Adjustments to OmaKing stats
– OmaKingSpirit now on 4 hour respawn timer
– Tidy up of Prajna Time Stone NPC scripts
– Added descriptions to all Special Rings
– Added descriptions to Gems and Orbs
– Added descriptions to Sewing Goods and Bone Hammers
– Adjustments to the drop rates of high level Helmets across the game
– Red Orchid Set Items now give 5 HP Life Steal per piece (with additional 10 HP stolen with the full set equipped)
– Added descriptions for Items with partial set bonuses
– Tweaks to drop rate of Crystal Armours across the game
– Adjustments to all level 30 and above Weapon drop rates
– Great Spider, Venom Spider and Gang Spider can now always be hidden from
– Tweaks Gale Set Items drop rates across the game
– Tweaks to Ancient Oma Caves drop files
– Client performance tweaks – resolved casting FPS lag along with a few other optimizations – FPS rates should increase/be more consistent.
– Ghosting Fixed (for real this time!)
– Fixed crash where spell object expires while being processed
– Fixed issue where certain mobs were tameable when they should not be (Zombies)
– Added additional call to refresh GG every 5 minutes.
– Mouse wheel/scrolling now works on the Trust Merchant
– Hero attack melee speed should now be inline with players
– Heroes should no longer get stuck after a manual cast (like haste)
– Heroes responsiveness should be increased
– Oma Kings ranged AoE effect now hits for at least 25% of health
– Fixed an issue which would cause the whole server to lag when a player logs into the game.
– Fixed auto path on the big map for assassins using swift feet.
– Fixed EvilApes always mass dropping
– Adjustments to fishing catch rates
– Tweaks to RedOrchid and RedFlower Set item drop rates
– Helmet vendor in Mongchon now buys correct items types (helmets)
– Armour vendor in Mongchon now no longer accepts Helmets
– Armour vendor in Monhchon now accepts Belts
– Adjustments to all Magic Stones drop rates across the game
– Darkness from the mines Quest fixed (can now be finished)
– Adjustments to high level Skill Book drop rates across the game
– Fixed AI for EvilSpider
– Rebuilt drop files for GuardianViper, BlueViper, YellowViper and EvilSpider
– Tidy up of all Sign Post NPCs
– Can no longer sell Hero Release Scrolls to NPCs
– Can now sell Scroll type items to Collector
– Can now sell Scroll type items to all Peddlers / General stores
– Can no longer sell Hero Ressurection to NPCs
– Can no longer sell Creature Items to NPCs
– Adjusted Lightning Cave, Molten Rock Cave and Evil Mir Palace world passive Lightning strike damage
– Tweaks to success rates of Gems and Orbs
– Fixed IncarnatedZumataurus attack speed
– Tweaks to stats of all monsters in all Premium Dungeons
– Rebuilt all Premium Dungeon drop files
– All Mounts are now weight 1
– All Mount Accessories are now weight 0
– Fixed Collect Information Quest
– Access to Slave Cave no longer ends at level 40
– Tweaks to Slaves drop file
– Fixed IncarnatedWoomaTaurus not doing enough damage

Week 4

– Speed up auctions call
– Fix Crash
– Fix – disconnect on idle, must have broken at somepoint !
– Added Network thread to handle inbound and outbound packets.
– Inbound packets are despated to either the main thread or the map thread. This should allow for packets processed by the map thread not to be lagged if the main thread is bogged down.
– Optimizations to TM calls
– NPC Call tweaks
– Ghost Fix! Also refactored CellLogic into Cell class.
– Fix server crash where a spell object removes its self from the collection thats being iterated
– Client performance tweaks.
– Fix lag issue when using skills.
– General Fixes/performance Tweaks Fixed Unresponsive NPC
– Aspeed cap raised to 20 Haste now gives + 12 aspeed Flash dash skill fixed, now always hits after dashing regardless if there is a target, it is limited to 2 second cool down, also auto locks onto mobs, so makes a good opener!
– Double slash now does 30% more damage towards monsters
– Omakings AoE now hits the correct percentage per player.
– Removing recursive work loop on exception
– Adding a null check to prevent a crash.
– Fixing crash
– Limiting worker loop retries, in any of the workers raise more than 3 exceptions in a minute then a the 4th goes uncaught, causing a crash. This is worth having in to catch the minor expceptions during beta rather than crashing all the time.
– Fix idle Ping not sending time to server
– Fix TM Consign forign curreny
– Fix TM price entry when consigning for forign currency
– Performance tweaks
– General Fixes Fixed some more baseitem comparisons to use Guid instead of references Fixed Spiritsword/Slaying Accuracy Fixed
– Taming level restriction Fixed
– Checkmon npc command Fixed
– Vampirism leveling Fixed
– Hero Bene Fixes for hero ressurection issue (hopfully)
– Fixed Hero torch issue Fixed NPC mail collection
– Fixed Reseted exp going missing (hopfully)
– Fix spiritsword and slaying passive accuracy.
– Fix issue with bounceback when walking+meleeing fast.
– Fixes round up Monster level drop modifier removed Map.
– Spells converted to concurrent dictionary Added locking to process delayed actions
– Disabled Hero Wriggle
– Fixes for Quest items going missing
– Repulse/EnergyRep/FireBurst fixed
– Player animation speeds adjusted to match offical closer.
– Fixed IncarnatedWoomaTaurus not doing enough damage
– Fixed OmaKingSpirit not doing enough damage
– Fixed Bone Archers missing too many attacks
– Switched to Euro Stats for a few high end bosses (in a few cases where stats were harder than Korean)
– Tweak to Poison Cloud damage
– All Gems and Orbs capped and a maximum of 4 upgrades
– Tweak to Fatal Sword skill damage
– Tweak to Frost Crunch skill damage
– Adjustments to mid level Skill Book drop rates across the game
– Danger (WoomyonWoods) Quest now starts at Legendary Hero NPC instead of Bichon Administrator
– Medium Armour no longer drops from any monsters
– RoyalHelmet now gives correct Stats (AMC is adjusted and it is also restricted to Assassin class)
– BluJadePendant renamed BlueJadePendant (quest item – drop references updated)
– Lottery now uses correct odds (sorry to anyone who tried to play before)
– Stamps removed from all stores (no longer supported)
– Send and collect parcels removed from all stores (no longer supported)
– Fixed BlueHoroBlaster not dropping
– Boss of WoomyonQuest BlackIronBelt is now a fixed reward
– Potential fix for random disconnects
– The client will try to reconnect and stay in-game if possible
– A 60 second grace period has been added to allow reconnection on maps which would normally teleport you out.
– Fixed movespeed of BoneLord, MinotaurKing, OmaKing & OmaKingSpirit
– Potential fix for Way to Mongchon Quest

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