Minor Gameplay Update 0.1.7

Gameplay Updates:

Fixed Logic at ChaosNode
Revised Lunar Drops
Added DemonMask to Drop Files
Added VioletOrb to Drop Files
Added RequiemNecklace to Drop Files
Added RedDemonRing to Drop Files
Added PoisonRing to Drop Files
Added CloudRing to Drop Files
Added Trainers to BW
Adjusted Mirroring scaling
Further Tweaks to EM
Curse Fixed
Teleport returned to original values
Rebuilt Foxes Drop Files
Added NoChi / Mundane / TaoProtect items into drop files
Updated the Assassin Instructor (Cloud) Script
Cleaned up MirGuide Script
Added RecallNecklace to Lucky Necklaces
RedMoonSword no longer Soulbound (re-balance)
Re-done SpiderBarbarian Drop
Updated SpiderBarbarian AI
Introduced Spider Barbarian to Luna 1st

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