Minor Gameplay Update 0.1.6

Gameplay Updates:

Auto Rev Added to RedMoonEvil and Various BG Test Bosses
Reduced True RME Hit Pool
Halved Teleport Mana cost
GameShop_Guard renamed to Premium_Guard
GuardRental Scroll logic improved
PremiumGuard visuals switched to KatanaGuard
50% reduction in Luna 1st Spawns
Grandads Quest can no longer be completed at MW Butcher
LotteryTicket Fixed
Removed a number of erroneously added Quests in GI (can still start them elsewhere)
Fixed AOC Secret Room Door
HolyDeva HP Adjusted
Added +Luck/MagicResistance/PoisonResistance drops to Tiger and Lantern Necklaces
Added Route to Currish
Introduced BrownEvilSnake to SerpentValley

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