Easter Event & Gameplay Update 0.1.11

We’re announcing our Easter 2018 event. It is very similar to the very original euro mir Easter event, which I’m sure anyone who experienced would be keen to see again. We’re really not holding back on the ultra-rares from this event – so if you’ve not tried the server, this could be a great opportunity to get some really decent kit.

The event is kind to players of all levels and skills, and the rewards are ludicrously generous if you’re lucky!

Game Updates:

SlaveCave rebuilt
MirKing and Slave drop files rebuilt
Opened SlaveCave
WitchRobe(F) renamed to WizardRobe(F) and all references updated
Fixed AutoRev for Bosses and Semi-Bosses (Now disabled)
BW reduced to 1 much larger safe zone
Prepared maps for AZT
Prepared maps for APSC
APSC MysteriousStone moved from PT 4th to PSC 4th
AncBringer renamed to AncientBringer
RedKey mechanics added
Assigned AI to CrazyManworm
Assigned AI to MutatedManworm
Assigned AI to KingOfWildBeast
Fixed IceCrystalSoldier typo
Rebuilt spawns for AZT
Rebuilt spawns for APSC
Reworked APSC monster stats
Assigned AI to all Ancient Zuma monsters
Reworked AZT monster stats
APSC Drops Rebuilt
AZT Framework Drops Added (Unpolished)
Opened APSC (Remastered/Unpolished)
WizardRing renamed to SorceryRing
SorceryRing replaces WizardRing in Quest 100 rewards
SurvivalRing renamed UnknownRing
SurvivalBracelet renamed UnknownBracelet
SurvivalNecklace renamed UnknownNecklace
Added following GameNetwork Introduced items: SurvivalBracelet, SurvivalNecklace, SurvivalRing, WizardRing, WizardNecklace, WizardBracelet, TaoistRing, TaoistNecklace, TaoistBracelet
Added following GameNetwork Introduced items: BlessedHelmet, FateSword, ExpelBracelet, ZenBracelet, WarBracelet, BraceletOfCasting, OgreRing, ChimeraRing, DarkRing
GameNetwork introduced items added to relevant drop files
Reworked RedCave monster stats
Assigned AI to StoningStatue
Assigned AI to FlyingStatue
Prepared maps for FateSword Quest
Added FateSwordBook
Rebuilt FateSword Quest
BehemothDevourer drop rebuilt
Added BehemothDevourer to RedCave
Max Awakenings updated to 5 (same chance to break on each awaken)
Fixed AI for various APSC monsters

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