Minor Gameplay Update 0.1.1

Gameplay Updates:

Fixed Quest Bug 156
Fixed Gale Ring and Gale Necklace values
Fixed RTing in DD
Adjusted Respawn times of: ZT, OKS
Fixed RTs in ZT 7th onwards
Fixed log outs in ZT 7th onwards
Fixed Super ZG Bug
Adjusted DD respawn time
Removed bug bat maggot from ZT KR
Made changes to testscroll
Re-done past bichon drops
Finished final piece of RMS sword quest (from 99% too 100% complete)
Reworked numerous drop files, especially relating to bosses and skills.
Added turn undead skill to new drop files (previously only dropped from 2 mob)
Foxes NPC fixed (Guardian Stone) – now doesn’t check group count.

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