Minor Gameplay Update 0.1.2

Gameplay Updates:

Reconfigured logouts in WT KR
Reconfigured logouts in BDD
Reconfigured logouts in Tree Path onwards
Reconfigured logouts in Vipers
Reconfigured logouts in Stone Temple
Reconfigured logouts in PSC
Reconfigured logouts in PT
Reconfigured logouts in Past Bichon
Finished off outstanding basic guide tasks on test scroll
Removed all traces of bug bat maggot from IWT in BDD onwards
Fixed mount locations across entire game
Reconfigured log out of mystery cave
Reconfigured log off from LDC (bug caves)
Adjustments to no fight zones across the game
Reconfigured no drop locations across entire game
Re-done Foxes 1st spawns (implemented mob transitioning)
Reconfigured big maps across entire game

Minor Gameplay Update 0.1.1

Gameplay Updates:

Fixed Quest Bug 156
Fixed Gale Ring and Gale Necklace values
Fixed RTing in DD
Adjusted Respawn times of: ZT, OKS
Fixed RTs in ZT 7th onwards
Fixed log outs in ZT 7th onwards
Fixed Super ZG Bug
Adjusted DD respawn time
Removed bug bat maggot from ZT KR
Made changes to testscroll
Re-done past bichon drops
Finished final piece of RMS sword quest (from 99% too 100% complete)
Reworked numerous drop files, especially relating to bosses and skills.
Added turn undead skill to new drop files (previously only dropped from 2 mob)
Foxes NPC fixed (Guardian Stone) – now doesn’t check group count.

Open Testing

Artificial Mir II is now transitioning to Open BETA testing. With our first major patch roll out we’re looking to open the gates and allow more people to experience the game we’re rebuilding. After months of hard work and dedicated testing, we’re moving much closer to having a stable and balanced game environment so we think it would be good to let new players into the game. They may try things our existing testers haven’t even thought of and bring valued feedback to our development team.

Since development to Open BETA has been a while in the making, various players are 40+ levels ahead and therefore we feel the game in its current state is due to be wiped in the initial Open BETA stages, to allow a balanced experience to all newcomers as we launch.

Although there is a whole host of undocumented changes, and adjustments, from now on we will try our best to include patch notes and updates as often as possible.

Currently, all the changes are back-end and no client updates are required, so hop in and enjoy!


We will be referring to this release as 0.1.0. Latest updates and changes:

Gameplay Updates:

Added Discord Server
Partial transition to SQL
Encrypted Passwords
Single Sign-on
Added Site Discussion Board
Added Site Game Credits
Added USA Premium Dungeon Levels 20-30 30-40 40-50 Unpolished
Fixed Fishing Baits
Fixed Level Glows (50 small blue-60 blue dragon-70 fire dragon)
Buffed EM
Added Lunar 1F (Rebuild)
Various fixes to unreleased hell maps
Various other stat tweaks, bug fixes and drop adjustments.
In development (Admin Access Only): Lunar 2F-3F, BattleGrounds, Ancient Ruins, AOC